Getting Glasses for the First Time

You may have been struggling with your vision for a while. If so, it is time to seek help. It isn’t sustainable to be squinting at road signs, reading books close to your face, and getting eye fatigue. It should be something of the past. Getting medical assistance for your vision issues starts with a few simple steps. 


Visit Your Eye Doctor


Start by shopping around for the right eye doctor. When you settle on one, you have to book an appointment. During your first consultation visit, the doctor will get to know your expectations and check your symptoms. Afterward, they will perform a complete eye exam to gauge the level of your vision issue. After this, you will receive a prescription document. You require this before receiving corrective lenses.

Some of the unfamiliar jargon in this document may include:


  • SPH (Sphere) is the lens power's positive or negative value

  • CYL (Cylinder) is the curvature of the lens for astigmatism

  • Oculus Sinister (OS) is your left eye

  • Oculus Dexter (OD) is your right eye

  • Axis refers to the position of your lens's cylindrical power for astigmatism

  • ADD refers to the additional magnifying power of multifocal lenses for farsightedness


Customizing Your Lenses

Receiving the prescription from your doctor does not require you to purchase your lenses from them. You may shop around for something you like elsewhere. The eye prescription dictates the type, thickness, base type, and coatings of the lenses you need. However, you may purchase add-ons that reduce weight, eliminate glare, or increase durability.


Selecting Frames

Before picking a frame, consider your professional and personal needs. Apart from clearer vision, your frames complement your face. Select frames with conservative shapes and colors if you want a business look. To enhance your look, consider classic shapes and tones like gunmetal, brown, silver, and black. For the creative types, geometric designs with unusual colors like green, purple, or blue may do the trick. To highlight your creativity, go for aviator shapes in retro, vintage styles in metallic or thick plastic frames.

If you are a busy parent, it is better to avoid the current trends in eyewear. Instead, choose basic yet stylish and functional frames. For young students who worry about their looks, eye-catching colors and shapes are advisable. Some may prefer experimental designs like unusual shapes or geeky, retro frames.


Your Satisfaction

The first few days after purchasing and wearing your new glasses count in the entire process. Pay attention to how your spectacles fit and feel. If they require any adjustments, return them to your eye doctor. For those who worry about their looks, get the opinion of the people close to you to see if your new frames are a good fit.


Wearing Glasses for the First Time

Wearing a new pair of glasses for the first time is something you will remember for a long time. Seeing the world with clarity is revitalizing. Still, you may have to jump a few hurdles for a short while. You may experience mild headaches as your eyes adjust to the glasses for the first few days. Be cautious and hygienic when caring for your new investment.


For more about getting glasses for the first time, contact Cobb Corner Eye Care at our Stoughton, Massachusetts office. Call (781) 344-3335 to schedule an appointment today.

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